Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County
Minutes of September 22, 2005 board meeting

Keith Adams
Jim Beckett
Richard Berg
Dave DeBoer
Bill Osberg
Susan Rose

Keith opened the meeting with a discussion of the recent mailer sent September 14th. There have been 68 responses to date with approximately $5,000 received as a result of the mailer; with a total of about $6,000 for the year.

Unfortunately, the representative from the Pacific Legal Foundation who was supposed to attend tonight’s meeting was called to Washington D.C. and could not be present. We will attempt to reschedule at a future date.

Keith has rented rooms at the Jade Street community center for the annual meeting. He passed out a sample ballot for the election of directors. The main comment was to add a line for write-ins. Currently there are eight directors though the by-laws allow for nine. Thus if there were a write-in candidate with support from the membership we could decide to allow another director.

Other discussion followed about the format and agenda for the meeting. The balloting, counting of the ballots, and announcement of results will take place at the meeting. Bill (as secretary) will supervise the ballot counting by some volunteers. Officers will be elected by the directors at the next scheduled board meeting. There will also be a treasurer’s report by Jim and a few words about the web site by Bill.

Susan agreed to recruit the volunteers and bring miscellaneous items mentioned by Keith (such as name tags, pens, ballot box, water for meeting attendees, etc.). Dave will find a PA system. Bill will manage the volunteers on site.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50.