RE: SB 1295

Dear Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County Member:

SB 1295 is being introduced this month by State Senator Ducheny. The intent of this bill is to change the current procedure used by Coastal Commission staff to appeal coastal permit applications.

Currently Coastal Commission staff draws upon a stack of blank appeal forms pre-signed by Coastal Commissioners to appeal projects on their own authority. However, there is no provision in State law that authorizes the Commission staff to act as an agent in making appeals.

Of the 20 appeals heard by the Commissioners during the January, February and March 2008 hearings, 12 or 60% were made by Commission staff in the name of the Coastal Commissioners.

This means that coastal projects are not really being appealed by appointed Coastal Commissioners as the law intends, but by staff who may have a different agenda. This bill will help correct those procedures that short circuit our approved Local Coastal Programs and prevent us from protecting our homes and businesses from coastal erosion.

This bill is opposed by organizations that want to prevent property owners from protecting the coast from erosion. This includes the powerful and influential Sierra Club.

Please express your support of this bill by contacting your State representative.

The following link will provide contact information for your State Senator and Assembymember.

You may review this bill at: