Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County


Keith Adams
James Beckett
Richard Berg
Gene Bernald
Dave DeBoer
James Marshall
Susan Rose

Keith made a motion to correct Jim Marshall’s election to the board as Vice President/Treasurer. The minutes of the December 1, 2005 meeting indicated he was elected as Treasurer. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Keith requested concurrence for the following 2006 expenses:

  * $15.90 for web site domain address
  * $1,681 for Officers Liability Insurance
  * $3,500 for payment of the Dall & Associates consulting contract
  * $21 for bank checking fees.

Gene made a motion to approve the expenses. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasury report was presented by Keith as follows:

  * $5,101.43 in general checking account
  * $100 in ATM checking account
  * $35,285.67 in 9 month CD account yielding 5.25%

Membership was reported by Keith at 362 members or 18.9% of the County coastal property owners.

Richard Berg and Jim Marshall joined the meeting at this time

Keith reported that the East Cliff Project will be presented to the public at the Planning Commission meeting in December or January and at the Board of Supervisors meeting in January or February. The County’s intention is to have the project heard at the Coastal Commission hearing in March 2007.

Keith reported that 1000 Friends had intended to hold its first board meeting on a September 2006. He has a call into Norbert Dall for an update.

A list of prospective board members was reviewed to fill the one remaining board position. It was agreed to contact Jay & Annette Pennock as they are known by both Richard Berg and Jim Marshall. Additionally, they were the only ones on the list who live locally. Sue Murray was also thought to be a good candidate as she has a second home in the La Selva Beach area, which currently has no representation on the board.

Keith reported that the Rio Surf and Sand Homeowners and the Venetian Court Homeowners have an interest in learning more about the CPOA. Dave and Keith will schedule a meeting to introduce our Association.

A discussion was held regarding our membership drive and annual meeting. A list of action items for discussion at the next meeting included the following:

1) A collection of coastal studies
2) Information on the pros/cons of different types of seawalls
3) Support for public projects such as East Cliff
4) Compiling a book of our Local Coastal Program for member reference
5) How to promote publicity
6) How to increase membership
7) How to promote the usage of our web site
8) Set up a liaison with the California Reality Board and the Bankers Association
9) Focusing on Legislation
10) One-on-one meetings with politicians

A discussion was held about whom, if any guest would be a good draw for our annual meeting. Gary Griggs, Fred Keeley and Steve Monowitz (CCC Central District Manager) were suggested.

Susan agreed to chair the membership drive and will contact Stephen Beck for assistance.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 7; the location is to be announced.

The meeting adjourned at 9 PM.