November 15, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County


Keith Adams
Jim Beckett
Richard Berg
Gene Bernald
Jim Marshall
Susan Rose

Jim Vaudagna of Rio Del Mar was unable to attend but would like to make our next board meeting.

Membership now totals 447 members, 64 of which joined this year.

Our bank balance now totals $64,856.21, $30,730 of which was raised this year.

Keith reported that Comerica Bank is now paying 3.6% on one year CD’s while Charles Schwab is pay 4.51% on money market accounts. Richard motioned, Gene seconded, and the board unanimously passed a resolution to establish an account at Charles Schwab.

The KBK Insurance Agency offer to provide fidelity and crime coverage was reviewed and declined.

It was announced that the Pleasure Point / East Cliff project will most likely be presented at the December Coastal Commission hearing.

It was agreed that meeting with Gary Griggs about the Opal Cliffs global project in December would now be appropriate. A meeting with Assemblymember John Laird or his representative will be scheduled shortly thereafter.

After reviewing the recently passed Coastal Commission fee increases, it was recommended that we explore supporting legal action to prevent the implementation of these changes.

The statewide coastal property owners group is still in an early formation process, but appears to be moving forward.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 7:00PM. The location is to be announced.

The meeting ended at 9:00PM.