June 4, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County


Keith Adams
Richard Berg
Dave DeBoer
Jim Marshall

Keith reported on the Annual Members meeting of May 5, 2007. In attendance were Assemblymember John Laird and approximately twenty members.

Our membership drive has now yielded 59 new members, a 41% renewal rate and a total membership of 442. Membership now exceeds 20% of all coastal property owners in Santa Cruz County. Funds raised this year currently total $26,790, approaching the amount raised during our record 2004 campaign.

Our bank balance, adjusted for payments due from GroundSpring and outstanding payables now totals $60,922.43, of which $36,343.88 is in a time deposit. Additional funds will be transferred from the checking account to the time deposit.

An offer from KBK Insurance agency for fidelity and crime coverage was reviewed. Additional information from KBK will be available by the next board meeting such that this coverage may be considered.

A discussion was held about the Local Coastal Program amendment of December 5, 2006 and May 15, 2007 and our ability to have local coastal staff reject the amendments.
Richard reported on the contents of a fax from the local coastal staff to the Santa Cruz County Planning Department and his conversation with our planning consultant Ron Powers. Keith reported that lobbyist Norbert Dall believed that amendments contained procedural problems that may result in coastal staff rejecting the amendments as presented. It was also noted that a CEQA appeal against the December 5, 2006 amendment was still active.

It was felt that if the coastal staff returned the amendment to the County with their suggested changes that any revised amendment could actually be more punitive to coastal homeowners. There was also concern that the County would be vindictive to our cause if we actively lobbied to have the coastal staff reject the amendments. After weighing the alternatives, it was concluded that our greatest opportunity for success would be to have our planning consultant work with the County Planning Department as they draft a “grandfathering” ordinance. This would allow for reconstruction of our homes if destroyed by a natural disaster.

The following motions were seconded and unanimously approved:
Election of Keith Adams as president
Election of Jim Marshall as vice president and treasurer
Election of Bill Osberg as secretary

Dave DeBoer reported that he will need to resign in the near future as he has taken on other responsibilities in the South County. He will assist in finding a replacement from the Pajaro Dunes area.

Keith reported that he will also be searching for our 9th board member to represent the Rio Del Mar area.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM