Coast Lines: May 15, 2010

Posted: 05/15/2010 01:30:24 AM PDT

Santa Cruz

Coastal panel OKs Pleasure Point rules

The new Pleasure Point design district, intended to keep big homes out of the neighborhood, was approved by the California Coastal Commission this week.

Per the new district, new homes and remodels in the Pleasure Point area are subject to a series of rules that seek to stave off large, cookie-cutter homes.

Some of the rules are more limiting while some grant property owners greater freedoms. For example, second stories of homes must be set back further, to discourage bland, wall-like facades; but at the same time, ground stories can be larger.

A grandfather clause allows most existing homes to be built back to their current specs in the event of damage.

The plan is the result of several neighborhood meetings, and this winter was approved by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.

The zoning district encompasses a 320-acre area bounded by 41st Avenue on the east, Portola Drive on the north, Corcoran Lagoon on the west and the ocean to the south.