The California Coastal Commission will hold a public meeting on February 10-12 to consider the continued employment its Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester as per the following link:


A brief summary regarding this matter can found at:


The California Coastal Coalition
reported on 1/25/16 as follows:

The move to replace Dr. Lester is reminiscent of a battle two decades ago when Republicans on the commission, including then ““ Gov. Pete Wilson’s appointees, wanted to oust Peter Douglas as the commission’s ED. Douglas won that battle in 1996 with the help of hundreds of grass-roots supporters who came to his defense at a public hearing. It was written at the time that elected officials on the commission backed down due to concerns about being re-elected at home. Dr. Lester was given the opportunity to resign and help with the transition to a new ED, but, like Peter Douglas, he has requested that his employment status be decided after a public hearing. The hearing will be held February 10th at the commission’s meeting in Morro Bay.

If the hearing about Peter Douglas’ employment status is instructive, Dr. Lester’s supporters will show up in large numbers. In addition, supporters will probably send op-eds to newspapers up and down the coast, send letters to key legislators, and attempt to meet with commissioners to discuss this issue. In the interest of balance, coastal property interests could take the same measures.
It is believed the following commissioners will be lobbied the most:

Councilman Howell – Pismo Beach
Supervisor Kinsey (Chair) – Marin County
Supervisor Groom- San Mateo County
Supervisor McClure- Del Norte County
Supervisor Cox- San Diego County
Councilman Uranga- Long Beach

One commissioner interviewed by the Los Angeles Times said she could not say anything about this issue because it involves a personnel matter, but that’s not a moot point ““ commissioners should be free to discuss this issue during ex parte meetings with the public because Dr. Lester has made his employment status a public matter and the hearing has been duly noticed.

CalCoast doesn’t get involved in Coastal Commission internal disputes so this message is for information only and to facilitate a balanced response to this matter. We will continue to inform our members as developments require.