Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County
Minutes of August 11, 2005 board meeting

Keith Adams
Jim Beckett
Richard Berg
Bill Osberg
Susan Rose

Keith reviewed the organization finances, passing out an income and expense report. Keith made a motion to have a CPA look at our tax returns, articles of incorporation, and bylaws to ensure we are in compliance with non-profit regulations. The amount approved for the CPA was for 2 hours or $400. Seconded by Rich and passed unanimously.

Keith passed out the 2005 draft membership letter and membership form for review. There was some discussion about the recommended dues level. Keith made a motion to make dues mandatory with a minimum of $35. Seconded by Jim and agreed unanimously.

There was a discussion about whether we should begin editorial content on the web site. Decision was to wait for now.

The discussion moved to the idea of making alliances with state realtors and banks, organizations that have common interests with homeowners. Jim and Rich agreed to research how to gain entry into the real estate board.

Another idea was to find and work with other organizations similar to CPOA. It will take more than just an Internet search because these organizations may not have web sites, but as an initial step everyone will do their own Internet search and report back at the next meeting.

Speakers for the annual membership meeting was the next topic. One idea was having someone from the Pacific Legal Foundation. At a minimum, hear how they present themselves and their positions on issues important to us. But it would not be appropriate to have them at the annual meeting, perhaps just for the board.

Speaking candidates for the annual meeting include Dave Potter (local Coastal Commission representative), Joe Simitian (Santa Cruz state senator), Charles Lester (deputy director of the Coastal Commission for the Central Coast), Peter Douglas (executive director of the Coastal Commission), and Jan Beutz.

Possible venues for the meeting include Simpkins Swim Center, Capitola public meeting room, La Selva Beach, Seascape, and Pajaro Dunes.

The next board meeting is tentatively set for September 15 at 7:00 pm, location to be determined. Keith will see if PLF can send someone to that meeting.

Keith got a message from Bill Ruxton of Seascape declining a board seat. Keith made a motion to rescind the offer of a board seat, Susan seconded, and it passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.