TO: California Ocean and Coastal Community

FROM: Mike Chrisman, Secretary for Resources

Chair, California Ocean Protection Council

DATE: June 15, 2007

SUBJECT: Ocean Protection Council June meeting highlights

The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) met at the Port Commission Hearing Room at the Ferry Building in San Francisco on Thursday, June 14, 2007. Below is a summary of the council’s activities at this meeting, which focused on climate change. The agenda, briefing documents, and archived webcast of the meeting can be found at http://resources.ca.gov/copc/06-14-07_meeting.

Climate Change Panel Highlights:

“¢ Discussed state actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts with the California Environmental Protection Agency, California Coastal Commission, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, State Lands Commission, and Department of Water Resources.

“¢ Dedicated $500,000 to a California Shoreline Impacts Assessment project.

“¢ Authorized the use of $50,000 for a joint study with the California Energy Commission on the environmental implications of ocean energy.

“¢ Adopted a resolution on climate change.

Other Meeting Highlights:

“¢ Voted to send a letter to the three West Coast Governors regarding the development of an Action Plan for the West Governors’ Agreement.

“¢ Provided $210,000 for the Santa Monica Bay Research and Monitoring Gap Analysis.

“¢ Dedicated up to $858,000 for the development of a San Francisco Bay Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Model.

Thank you for your interest in protecting California’s ocean and coast.
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