TO: California Ocean and Coastal Community
FROM: Mike Chrisman, Secretary of Resources and Ocean Protection Council Chair

DATE: December 5, 2006

SUBJECT: November OPC meeting

The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) met at the State Capitol on Tuesday, November 28. Meeting highlights are listed below, and the full meeting summary will be found on our website later this week ( The complete video minutes will also be posted at this site shortly.

The highlights of the meeting:

The Council approved $5,899,120 in projects on such topics as marine mapping, MPA monitoring, and innovative sea urchin fishery management
The Council concurred with $1 million worth of research projects funded through the state Sea Grant programs
New OPC funding guidelines were approved which outline the required information for all new proposals submitted to the OPC
Several fisheries experts were present to discuss innovative approaches to fisheries management, following which, the Council agreed to dedicate up to $3 million to support future projects that achieve the types of actions discussed by the panelists
The Council approved a work plan created jointly by the OPC and Department of Fish and Game that outlines how $8 million appropriated to the OPC will be spent over the next couple of years
The Council approved its meeting schedule for 2007: February 8, April 17, June 14, and October 25 (locations will be posted on our website)
Note that in the following weeks, the staff of the OPC will be reviewing ideas for innovative fisheries projects that can be funded under the fisheries resolution passed at this meeting. If you have any ideas or would like to discuss possibilities, send an email to and a staff member will contact you. Please remember to take a look at the new OPC funding guidelines on our website if you plan to submit a proposal. If you have already submitted an idea to any individual staff member, there is no need to resubmit.

Thank you for your interest in improving the protection of California’s ocean and coastal resources. I look forward to seeing you at the next Ocean Protection Council meeting.
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