The following Item will be heard at 1:30 PM

Public hearing to consider proposed Pleasure Point Combining Zone District

The proposed project consists of the creation of a new Pleasure Point Community Design (“PP”) Combining Zone overlay district in the Pleasure Point neighborhood, within which special residential development standards would apply. This action will involve rezoning all Single Family (R-1), Multi-Family (R-M), and Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PR) zoned parcels, in an area bounded by Portola Drive on the north, 41st Avenue on the east, Monterey Bay on the south, and the eastern shore of Corcoran Lagoon on the west, to include the new Combining Zone overlay designation in addition to the parcel’s existing underlying zoning designation. The Combining Zone District would be created through County Code amendments and would implement the recommendations of the Pleasure Point Community Plan (Plan), a document that was accepted by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors in August 2008. In addition to the new regulations recommended by the Plan, the existing residential development standards that currently apply in Pleasure Point and throughout the County would remain in effect. In response to neighborhood concerns raised at three public workshops, the Plan recommended, and the proposed Ordinance would implement, several measures to reduce the overall bulk and mass of the second stories of new/remodeled residences to reduce visual and shading impacts on their neighbors, and a number of measures to enhance appearance of the public/private interface of new/remodeled houses as viewed from the street. It is proposed that these measures become new residential development standards in the proposed new Pleasure Point Community Design (“PP”) Combining Zone District. Two alternate versions of the Ordinance are presented and evaluated, each implementing slightly different proposed bulk/mass standards. It is proposed the Planning Commission select one of the two alternatives to recommend to the Board of Supervisors for their approval.

Applicant: County of Santa Cruz
Supervisorial District: Countywide
Project Planner: Frank Barron, 454-2530