May 5, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County


Keith Adams
Richard Berg
Gene Bernald
Susan Rose

The following were motioned, seconded, and unanimously approved:

Expense items:

Exibility, Inc. / Dave Hunt for web site work $425
GroundSpring set up fees charged to and paid by Keith Adams $199
Complete Mailing Services for membership mailing $2,424.90
Postage for membership mailing paid by Susan Rose $727.02
St Josephs meeting room rental $60.00
KBK Insurance for Directors & Officers policy to 5/8/08 $1,681.00

Contract item:

Ron Powers / Powers Land Planning, Inc for Supervisor lobbying to soften the ordinance amendment that excludes land from the bluff top to the ocean for the purpose of determining a bluff top home size. Not to exceed $5,000.00

Position items:

Lobby with Norbert Dall against Coastal Commission permit requirements indemnifying the Coastal Commission from third party legal fees.

Lobby against the re-appointment of Sara Wan to the California Coastal Commission

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM