March 27, 2012 Board E-mail Minutes

Board E-mail Respondents:

Keith Adams
Richard Berg
Gene Bernald
Jim Marshall

The treasury report dated March 27, 2012 reported a balance of $60,105.41.

Keith reported the following per e-mail:

As communicated in our e-mail of March 24, 2012 we were successful in having the County Board of Supervisors pass an ordinance that relaxes rules for nonconforming structures. Among many benefits this ordinance allows for rebuilding damaged structures that have become nonconforming due to ordinance changes over many years. This ordinance is a huge benefit not only to coastal property owners but to many other property owners in the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County. This ordinance will now be forwarded to the Coastal Commission (CCC) who will hopefully concur.

The County has also adopted an ordinance amendment Regarding Regulations for Fences, Walls and Corner Sight Clearance Triangles in Required Yards. The CCC has added wording to this ordinance which basically removes your right to retain a fence, plants, or trees that may block the public’s view of the ocean at the expense of your home’s privacy and safety. This could even include removing gates from side yards, removing side and rear yard fences, hedges or even mature trees that might impact public views. It is these types of small wording changes that come back to bite us at some time in the future. You may review the proposed changes at:
See page 4.

A motion was made by Keith Adams for approval of each of the following three items.
The motion was seconded by Jim Marshall.
The items were unanimous approved.

Item 1: Expand the scope of the Powers Land Planning, Inc. $5,000 consulting agreement (approved at the March 29, 2011 board meeting) relating to nonconforming structures to include work related to preserving privacy and safety for coastal property owners. The remaining balance of the contract is currently $4,271.

Item 2: Approve website maintenance expenses that have totaled $624.75 since the last expenditure approval at the March 29, 2011 board meeting.

Item 3: Approve the Directors and Officers policy premium of $1,745 for the next policy period commencing May 9, 2012.