Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County

February 24, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes


Keith Adams
Dave DeBoer
Rich Berg
Susan Rose
Gene Bernald
Jim Marshall
Bill Osberg

Susan led a discussion about the web site update. It is clear that it isn’t going to happen in time for this year’s membership drive. For example, the proposal does not yet include Bill’s comments made in January.

Bill suggested just doing a Groundspring page for the 2007 membership drive. This is a very small part of the web site update.

Rich moved we proceed and suggested budget guidelines: $200 to set up the page (from the proposal), not to exceed $60 per month and 3% per transaction. Seconded by Jim and approved unanimously. Susan and Bill will work with Steve to get it done.

Discussion about the membership letter. Susan will incorporate the suggestions and send out a new draft.

Keith led a discussion about the annual meeting and possible speakers. Possible speakers and guests:

“¢ John Laird ““ State Assemblyman
“¢ Assistant Deputy Director of Coastal Commission (Dan Carl’s boss)
“¢ Dan Carl ““ Coastal Commission staff
“¢ Paul Rodriguez ““ County Redevelopment manager leading the East Cliff Drive seawall project. Or Betsy Lindberg.
“¢ Jan Beutz ““ Local representative

Keith will contact the candidates.

The preferred meeting date is Sunday May 20th at 2:00 pm at Pajaro Dunes. Other options are May 6th in Santa Cruz, or earlier in the day on May 20th. (Note that if the speaker is Paul Rodriguez the location would have to be in Santa Cruz.)

Jim Marshall mentioned that the Coastal Commissioners are going to visit UCSC on March 14th and plan to drive by the Pleasure Point area. He suggested that Keith contact Paul Rodriguez to see if the County could take advantage of the opportunity to lobby for the East Cliff project.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 pm.