Draft Residential Adaptation Policy Guidance

More information can be found on the agenda for the August 2017 Coastal Commission Hearing

Introducing the California Coastal Commission’s Draft Residential Adaptation Policy Guidance


On August 2nd at 1pm, Commission staff will host a webinar on Draft Residential Adaptation Policy Guidance. This new policy guidance is a next step and builds on the Coastal Commission’s 2015 Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance, which set forth broad principles related to planning for sea level rise.

The Residential Adaptation Policy Guidance provides a more in-depth discussion of sea level rise adaptation policies specifically related to residential development and sample policy language that cities and counties could modify for use in different community and geologic contexts.

During the webinar, Commission staff will provide an overview of the draft policy guidance document, which will be similar to an upcoming presentation to the Coastal Commission on this project at the August Coastal Commission public hearing.

More information, including a webinar registration link, will follow.

Please contact Mary Matella at or 415.904.6093