Coastal Commission to consider Santa Cruz County’s proposed LCP

According to an article in the “Santa Cruz Local” , the California Coastal Commission will consider the LCP proposed by Santa Cruz County. If the Coastal Commission accepts changes to a Local Coastal Program that was approved unanimously by Santa Cruz County supervisors in September, the county will be on the vanguard of local governments in the state that are trying to manage expected sea-level rise. The changes try to strike a balance between sea-level-rise management, beach access and oceanfront property owners’ rights to redevelop and protect their homes.

Letter from the Coastal Commission to the County of Santa Cruz re proposed changes in the Public Safety Element/Coastal Hazards LCP

The CCC has submitted a letter to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors regarding agenda item #7 (9507) requesting the County make substantial changes in the proposed LCP. Further limit any new development, redevelopment or replacement structures along the coastline. All structures substantially modified or replace since the Coast Act of 1977, should be considered “new”. Any further major redevelopment or replacement structures should not rely on existing coastal shoreline protection or armoring devices. The County must guarantee continued or increased public access to the beaches and shorelines, and force property owners to accept the obligation to modify or remove their shoreline armorment to allow for continued public access with sea level rise.

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisor’s Mtg 9/15/20, Proposed Agenda & Attachements

Download attachments, and plan to attend the BOS meeting on 9/15/20 in person or virtually.
j. Public Safety Element Section 6.4 changes since 3-10-20 (strikeout-underline copy)
k. Chapter 16.10 changes since 3-10-20 (strikeout-underline)

Chapter 6.10 Geohazzard Code Ammendments – changes since 3-10-20 Attachment-27627

Chapter 6.10 Geohazards Code Amendments – LCP for Coastal Bluffs & Beaches. Red-lined changes since the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on 3/10/20

Notice of Public Hearing, Board of Supervisors vote on the LCP 9/1/20

The County has proposed alternative language to address greater flexibility in the “one time only” limitation on major redevelopment/replacement structures pursuant to the Board of supervisor’s motion on 3/10/20. A copy of the red-lined document with changes made since 3/10/20 draft, should be available by 8/28/20 for public review. Go to the County website:

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors to post-pone hearing on LCP until 9/1/20

Board of Supervisors to delay public hearing on the proposed Public Safety and Hazard Mgmt General Plan, Local Coastal Program, and County Code Amendments until 9/1/20. Staff report and recommendations should be available by 8/27/20. CPOA plans to meet with Kathy Molloy and David Carlson to review the revisions to the LCP before it is finalized

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors to may delay vote on LCP until December 2020

CPOA has continued to lobby the County of Santa Cruz for changes in the proposed Local Coastal Plan section 6.4 (Coastal Bluffs & Beaches) and implementation plan (“IP”) chapter 16.10 (Geologic Hazards) regarding the “one time only limitation” on major redevelopment/replacement structures along the coastline. According to Supervisor John Leopold, the Planning Department has asked to delay any action until December 2020. Supervisor Leopold has met with County Counsel, Kathy Molloy – Director of the Planning Department, and Carlos Palacios – County Executive Director, to make the language changes pursuant to his approved motion at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on 3/10/20. Hopefully, these changes will be made soon and the revised LCP will be presented to the Board of Supervisors by the end of the Summer.

Final Red-lined version 16.10 Safety Code Amendments 3/10/20

Consolidated red-lined final version of Chapter 16.10 Safety Hazard Code Amendments, does not reflect any of the input provided by CPOA in our meetings with Kathy Molloy on 1/10, 2/28, and letter from Derric Oliver dated 2/7/20. In addition, there are many inconsistencies between 6.4 Safety Elements – LCP and Chapter 16.10 Safety code Amendments.

County Planning Dept to Hold Informational meeting on LCP on 3/2/20 @ 7 p.m.

The County Planning Department will host a Public Informational Meeting on the latest proposed LCP and Code Amendments to address Sea Level Rise on Monday, March 2nd at 7 p.m. at Live Oak Elementary School. (see official meeting announcement)

Letter from Fenton & Keller to Santa Cruz Planning Director re the proposed LCP

We have submitted a letter from our attorneys to Kathy Molloy, Planning Director, with copies to each of the Board of Supervisors and the County Clerk for the Board. We have requested another meeting with Kathy Molloy and David Carlson to review our letter and concerns, and have requested the Board of Supervisors consider delaying any action on the proposed LCP & Code Amendments until we have had time to negotiate these final changes into these documents.