Santa Cruz County to finalize Coastal Sustainability Project, requests public input

Santa Cruz County Planning Department has held a number of Public Hearings to solicit public input on their Coastal Sustainability Project. This project includes a review of the impact of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Beaches and Bluffs, housing, public infrastructure and public beach access, as well as erosion of inland properties due to climate change, more severe and frequent storms and fires.

Casa Del Mira HOA, San Mateo vs CCC regarding denial of Seawall Protection

The Casa Mira Homeowner’s Association is suing the California Coastal Commission over the denial of coastal development permit to construct a 257- foot seawall to protect a collapsing bluff that fronts Casa Mira townhomes built in 1984. Casa Mira worked tirelessly with CCC staff for three years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a proposal that met every one of staff’s seemingly endless objections. Coastal staff had recommended approval, but the Commission over ruled and denied the permit. The Trial is set for October in San Mateo Superior Court.

Smart Coastal virtual form on the Local Coastal Plan for Sea Level Rise in Santa Cruz County

Smart Coast California invites you to learn more about sea-level rise and ways Santa
Cruz County can adapt to it in the years to come at an interactive virtual forum!
The virtual forum was held on Tuesday, August 16, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The link to the Video conference is attached. Passcode: cL?8ZJB^

Coastal Commission Issues Draft Guidance to Protect Public Infrastructure that Serves Shoreline Communities

This Draft Guidance focuses on water and transportation infrastructure with a goal of promoting resilient coastal infrastructure and protection of coastal resources. The document provides local governments, asset managers, and other stakeholders with policy and planning information to help inform sea level rise adaptation decisions that are consistent with the Coastal Act. The Commission’s guidance presents five key considerations and makes a series of recommendations.
Strategies include floodproofing, elevating or relocating existing infrastructure and siting new
infrastructure in safer areas. Many of the approaches could broadly apply to other types of infrastructure
such as power plants, gas pipelines and other shoreline facilities.

SB-1090 Coastal erosion: installation of shoreline protective devices: application process.(2019-2020)

CA bill will amend the application process for shoreline protection devices for Orange and San Diego Counties, to limit Sand Mitigation Fees to $25,000 per parcel or 1% of assessed value, and outlines an appeal process for denied applications. If passed, it is unclear if this bill will affect other Counties.