Coastal Property Owners Association of Santa Cruz County

Minutes of April 28, 2005 board meeting

Attendees: Keith Adams
Rich Berg
Jim Beckett
Bill Osberg
Jim Marshall
Gene Bernald
Guests: Dave DeBoer – Pajaro Dunes Shorebirds
Jim Toney ““ Seascape Beach Association

Keith introduced Jim Toney, a board member from the Seascape Beach Association. Keith stated that we are still looking for someone from Seascape to join the board here. Jim thought that was quite possible and is willing to help find someone.

Keith got a quote for directors insurance. There was discussion about how much coverage we should carry ““ $1 million for $1600/year, $2 million for $2600/year, or $3 million for $3200/year ““ and whether this covers legal fees. No one really knows what the risks are, so the suggestion was made that we get qualified advice. Dave said he would research it.

Keith made a motion to go ahead and obtain $1 million coverage immediately, provided we can increases it as needed; Rich seconded; and it was passed unanimously.

Keith made a motion that we accept Chris Hooper’s resignation letter; Rich seconded; and it was passed unanimously.

As soon as we have the director situation in hand, we can begin another membership drive, so this is the critical path item. Jim Beckett offered to help in recruiting Susan Rose from West Cliff Drive.

The next board meeting was scheduled for May 26.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.