Steve Forer, President CPOA-SC, and Reed Geistrieter, CPOA-SC Treasurer met with Kathy Malloy and David Carlson at the County Planning Department on Friday, September 20th. Although they were receptive to our additional changes in the proposed LCP, they have not yet received any written feedback from the Coastal Commission. Therefore, they may not recommend additional changes to the LCP before the Board of Supervisor’s review of the LCP deferred until 10/8/19. We have been asked to re-submit our letter with requested changes, eliminating any reference to the process used for obtaining public input.  Please refer the CPOA-SC letter submitted to Kathy Malloy and the County Board of Supervisors on 9/23/19.
The good news is that Kathy Malloy stated they are very interested in our previous proposal to construct a uniform seawall along Opal Cliffs, to protect pubic safety, as long as it provides additional public access to the beaches or bedrock below, and any revetment rocks are removed. They have already received proposals for seawalls on selected parcels of Opal Cliffs, and would much prefer to see a uniform seawall, similar to the one the County installed between Pleasure Point Market and 41st Street. The County wants to show the Coastal Commission of evidence they are moving forward with appropriate shoreline protection for public safety.
Steve Forer
President, CPOA-SC